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Final Season Results: 2017 Ensign Racing

Ensign Fleet 35 Results as of 9.15.17

2017 Ensign Fleet #35 News

(Summary Notes from April 12th, 2017 Meeting)

Ensign Sailors,

If you didn’t get your membership forms filled out tonight you will be able to find them on the Ensign Fleet section of the MYC website soon. You can print them off and mail them in.
If you would like a hard copy mailed to you please let me know and we will get one in the mail to you soon.

Race schedule

May 24th, Practice race
May 31st, First Race
July 19th, Tentative No race/fun race/make up race
Aug 16, Fun race (this is the week of Nationals)

Region 5 regatta  July 28,29,30

Neil Lynch, Eric Seaborg and Mike Saur aka the Rules Committee will review our racing rules

Mike Twohey will be in charge of an available crew list

Sounds like Man o war will be racing this year and the Vear /Manson boat will be in the water as well!

Nationals are in Ceaderville MI this year hope to have a great turn out of Fleet #35 boats going!!

Hope to see you all soon!

Thanks, Jennifer Grant

2016 Ensign Fleet 35 Series Results

2016 Ensign Fleet 35 News

The fleet had a informational meeting on April 20th 2016.  Fleet members reviewed the schedule and racing rules for the upcoming race season while enjoying some craft beer.  Please find the revised race rules HERE.

If you were not present and did not fill out a Fleet 35 Membership Form please make sure that you print one out and get it to the Fleet Commander: Richard Anderson,  OR our the Fleet Treasurer Jen Grant.

The race schedule has been uploaded to the MYC calendar which can be accessed by clicking on the Calendar icon at the top of this Page.

2015 Update Results (08/2615)

Please find the updated results HERE

Fleet 35                                                Marquette, Michigan

Lake Superior, founded 1978

Fleet Captain: Carrie Irish                          Fleet Secretary: Jennifer Grant



For the first time in Fleet 35 history, a stubbornly slow ice melt delayed the season opener by two weeks. Weather cancellations added to the shortened calendar of nine races for the season. Many fleet members made up for the short season, by racing in the Regionals and Nationals.

With just two races in the bag, Fleet 35 hosted the Ensign Region V Championship Regatta on June 26, 27 & 28 with nine boats competing, representing four fleets. Mike Derusha in Menekaune (#1392) took 1st place honors. Neil Lynch, barely rested from chairing the 2012 Ensign Nationals stepped up to organize the event and Eric “Zeb” Seaborg headed up race committee.

Fleet 35 sent seven competitors to the 2014 Ensign National Championship Regatta in Pentwater Michigan with three boats finishing in the top ten.   Michael Twohey in Corsair (#937) took podium honors with a 3rd place overall finish, racing with his daughter Kirsten, son Andrew and Chad Lewis. Right behind him in 4th place was Jim Knape & Eva Kipper in Licktey Split ((#1576).   Mike Derusha in Menekaune (#1392) eased into the top ten with a 9th place overall finish.

There was a tectonic shift in Fleet 35 overall season standings as the perennial Fleet 1st Place Overall winner Eric “Zeb” Seaborg in eh? (#29) ended the season in the unfamiliar 4th place position, making room for a new mix on the podium.   Jim Knape & Eva Kipper in Licktey Split (#1576) took 1st place honors overall (after a multi year hiatus) with 11 points after throw-outs followed by  Jen Grant in Kai (#1378) in 2nd place with 21 points after throw-outs and Neil Lynch in Irish Ayes (#1643) taking 3rd place with 23 points after throw-outs.

Three boats competed in the 2014 Bill Neumann Memorial Regatta with Mike Derusha in Menekaune (#1392) claiming 1st place over the five race series. 2nd place went to eh? (#29) and Corsair (#937) sailed into 3rd place.

Ted Raymond in Dreadnought (#1090) sailed in light winds to take first place among Ensigns in the 2014 White Rocks Race.   The Seaborg family took eh? (#29) into 1st place during the 2014 Independence Day Ensign Class race followed by Kai (#1378) in 2nd place.

As always, we wish to extend our appreciation to Lori Frak for her weekly commitment as Race Committee Chair and to her husband Bob as well as Jim Knappe for their volunteer efforts to maintain the race committee boat. Our Fleet and the Marquette Yacht Club mourned the unexpected passing of member Andrew Ziverts, who contributed many volunteer hours and crewed often on Dreadnought.

Fleet 35 is proud to be the hub of sailing sports in the Marquette region operating out of an ideal downtown harbor location at the Marquette Yacht Club (MYC) which is also home to the Marquette Junior Yacht Club — sponsors of youth and adult sailing classes and two youth Ensigns racing each Wednesday night. MYC is also home to the Northern Michigan University Sailing Club and Rowing Club. Our appreciation goes out to Chad Lewis, owner of Ensign Spars for his vision and long-term encouragement that has helped build momentum for sailboat racing on the south shores of Lake Superior.

The Ensign Fleet 35 hosts Annual Mayors Cup Fun Race 07/01/2015

The fleet enjoyed a week off from competitive racing and hosted the Annual Mayor’s Cup Race.  Marquette’s Mayor, Michael Coyne, was one of the founding members of the Ensign One Design fleet here in Marquette.  Mayor Coyne was represented by himself until he could arrive later in the evening.  Despite being a fun race a competitive bout unfolded in light and variable winds.

The ace was taken by Menekaune, skippered by Mike Derusha.  Second place went to Kai, skippered by Wim MacDonald.  Third going to Aldebaran, helmed by Michael Sauer.


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Schedule of Events

Thursday, June 26

Registration, Launching, and Yacht Club Social

Friday, June 27

Day 1 of Racing – Skippers’ Meeting and your opportunity explore Marquette

Saturday, June 28

Day 2 of Racing – Haul-out and Awards Banquet at the Marquette Yacht Club


The racing areas are close and convenient to the Marquette Yacht Club. A one mile long breakwater, maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers and punctuated by a lighthouse, protects the large Lower Harbor. Once outside the harbor there is virtually unlimited room to set courses that are free of head lands, shoals and obstructions. Depths range from 30 to 100 feet. Water is clean, clear, and cool. Currents do exist but are weak and rare. There are no tides, however, certain weather conditions can cause a seiche to occur.

The Primary Race Area is located outside the Lower Harbor breakwater and will provide a level playing field for all of the competitors. The Secondary Race Area is located inside the Lower Harbor breakwater and adds the challenge of an enclosed harbor but removes some of the big lake’s harshest elements.

When the wind is from the Northwest through East, an onshore breeze, it is true big lake sailing with the possibility of large Lake Superior rollers and steady wind direction. Being a very deep lake, the waves are well separated and have a long enough period that allows an Ensign to sail in much larger waves than one would expect. There is nothing but open lake and deep water between the race area and Canada 150 miles to the north.

When the wind is from Southeast through West, an offshore breeze, the course can be influenced by the upland geography lying south and west of Marquette Bay. Large hills line the south and west sides of the bay and can create shifty and oscillating winds as it flows across them on its way to the lake. These effects are the greatest within a mile of the shoreline. The further offshore you venture in these conditions the less pronounced these effects become.

When weather conditions dictate, it is also possible to conduct a race within the protection of the Lower Harbor breakwater and still have moderate length race course. This option is especially appealing when a strong North wind decides to blow for an extended period of time.

Registration Form

To take part in the excitement, fill out the

2014 Ensign Region V Championship Regatta Registration Form

Notice of Race

Click here to download the 2014 Ensign Region V Championship Regatta NOR

Crew Needed

If you are a Skipper in need of crew, send an e-mail to Neil Lynch at ensign1643@gmail.com. Include the position(s) you need to fill and any other information that would be helpful in matching a potential crew member with your boat.

We will work to fill each request, however, there are no guarantees.

Available to Crew

If you would like to add your name to the list of Available Crew, send an e-mail to Neil Lynch at ensign1643@gmail.com. Include the position(s) you would be able to fill and any other information that would be helpful in matching you with a Skipper and boat.

We will work to fill each request, however, there are no guarantees.

Entry List

Sail Skipper Boat Fleet
225 Anderson Tiburon 35
695 Bray Sundance 35
752 Irish Zonker 35
1128 van Neste Pegasus 20
1378 McDonald Kai 35
1392 Derusha Menekaune 35
1584 Gentz Eugenia 35
1643 Lynch Irish Ayes 35
2029 Millin Man O’War 35


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