Welcome to the Marquette Yacht Club

About the MYC
While the Marquette Yacht Club has been in existence in an on-again-off-again capacity for over a century, its present incarnation is the result of a handful of like-minded folks, an ad in the Mining Journal, and a loveable little boat called the Pearson Ensign. Since then, the club has grown considerably and now serves as the home of not just Ensign Fleet 35, but other groups as well, including the Marquette Junior Yacht Club Sailing School, the NMU Sailing Club, Laser Fleet 35, and the (Lark) Rowers. These affiliate organizations make our club stronger, and more interesting for all our members.

Our Vision
To provide a unique gateway to recreational boating in our community.

Our Mission
To encourage and support sailing and non-motorized boating by providing facilities for the recreational, educational, and social use of its members.